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In 1978, HY Markets was established and is approved and governed by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) in the UK. It is also approved and governed by some leading jurisdictions that include Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and London. HY Markets is the name Henyep Capital Markets UK Ltd uses to trade. Henyep Group is the parent company of Henyep Capital Markets UK Ltd. Henyep Group has businesses across various sectors in about three regions and 20 countries in the world. Some of the sectors are property, financial services, charity and education. HY Markets specializes in online trade and investments. It does these through every international capital markets, offering different ranges of products. Some of them are stocks and indices, commodities like cotton, natural gas and crude oil, then silver and gold metals, and FX. Its clients make use of a unified account that is user-friendly to make trades and investments in all these markets. HY Markets clients have access to these trading platforms:

HY Trader via HY Markets


HY/XOGEE Mobile via XOGEE, usable for androids, iPhones and iPads, For beginners, HY Markets makes available a demo account for practice, a one to one education, guides from tutorials and research as well as a mobile trading platform that is user-friendly.

They can get all of this free-of-charge.

For the expert traders, they can have a personal VIP account that is managed and has an automatic implementation of trading’s and spreads as small as two pips. The currency at which this broker offers its account is the USD and it requires a deposit of at least$50 to open this account.  Because the process of opening the account is easily done, clients can begin their trading shortly after. When funding the account there are a lot of options like PayPal and credit cards.



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There are a lot more HY Markets offers like:

Leveraging that can reach 400: 1


A trade size of at least 2000


Low spreads and immediate implementation


No-commission charge on any trade


24 hours customer services Monday to Friday via chat, email and phone


Different language services like English, Chinese, Russian and Arabic


Consultations with individual account managers


One to one training


Supply of constant market information via live Reuters news, newsletter and live prices


Practical study tools, market briefs and innovative charting systems


Full transparency and security of the world’s principal financial hubs


Securing fund policy of customers


Complete segregation of retail customers fund with leading banks


The deposit and withdrawal principles are transparent


With all these offers the traders can have a competitive edge.


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The Kind of Trading Account You Can Get With HY Markets

With HY Markets you can get the following trading account:

Premium account

Mini account and

Standard account

For the ones that patronize the big accounts, they qualify for much bigger VIP private authorization solution. They enjoy superior service with access to FX market.
There are traders that are still new in the industry and wants to start with a little amount (usually $50), the mini account can be used. Investors that have some trading experience can go for the standard account.

It would require that they make at least a $750 dollar deposit to open the account. It would cost at least $2500 or more to open the premium account that is ideal for the very skilful trader. Irrespective of the trading account security and support is always available.



Enticements at HY Markets : There are a lot of benefiting programs that HY Markets are committed to that entices investors to make trades. With HY Markets, there are several generous forex extras and enticements that investors enjoy irrespective of their trading account type. They also enjoy discount rates and cash money that goes straight into their investment account every month.

Trading System

In alignment with Metatrader4, HY Markets provides their traders with a reliable investment system. There are several financial tools and widgets available for use on the trading system through which traders can make analysis with industry simulation and understand the market. Its Web Trader works with apple and android devices.

Dependability : Having been operating in different international markets, HY Markets ensures consistency and reliability taking its adoptions from dependableness serious. When it relates to cashing out money, they engage several regular operating procedures. Hence, fund transfer is speedy and efficient given that it is also done with the primary money transfer approach.


HY Markets has proven to be world best and are globally reputed for their superiority and expertise. You don’t easily come by this type of brokers in today’s financial market. When you want to consider the best market and opt for comfortability you should think of HY Markets. They are brokers that take compliance very serious particularly when it relates to safeguarding the deposits of customers.

HY markets are the best at what they do. When you check their website you will find that they have more than 30 years history of operation and have been under the headship of a farsighted management group.

You can say Henyep is a name that signifies professionality and excellence in terms of services. This conglomerate is committed to providing the best in all its varied services to its customers as well as the community.


To keep in touch with the market world you can always go through their newsletters. When you trade with HY Markets as a forerunner there is certainly a lot you can benefit from.


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